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Love handles.

I have at least gained 5kg since being in America! If I was here any longer I would get so fat hahaha


night call
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I think the guys from @csgarage @adamcsgarage need to make a trip to the US! Seen so much of their stuff here today at #ASB14 #brokenimage #csgarage
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Not my favourite event ever but meeting the guys at Animal Style, talking shit with Danny George and Bil Baldwin plus some guy who just came up to me as he remembered my videos from 2012 made it so worth it!!

Missing home like crazy, can’t wait to see your face @brittany_slater . One more night here then I’m on the plane, it’s been an awesome trip! :D #LA #home
Animal Style on Flickr.
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Driving to #ASB14 ! #Brokenimage @omgdrift
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